A Reassuring News Post

Hey guys, Zero EXE here.

Now, I'm sure alot of the older users of ShoutBox have noticed a pretty big increase in the numbers of new users as of late, so, this post is mainly aimed at the newer users, just to clear everything up for them.

DSiCade requires that you log into a Google Account to provide a safer, more personalized experience on the site. To set up a Google Account, or to log into your existing account, click the LOGIN button on the website's main page.

When logged in, "Welcome, [User Name]" appears on the top screen and the LOGIN button changes into an ACCOUNT button. Here, you can change your nickname (Used for HighScore Boards and as your ShoutBox username) or you can choose to log out. It is highly recommended that you don't set your nickname to something offensive, or set it to your real name or e-mail adress.

ShoutBox is a fun application which lets you chat to other DSi users by leaving short messages called "shouts". Before you attempt to chat on ShoutBox, make sure you are logged into your Google Account and that you have read the rules by clicking on the red "Rules" tab on the ShoutBox main screen.

Following the rules is strongly recommended, and if you don't comply with them, you could be banned for any amount of time between 1 day and Permanently. (The standard time is 30 days, but the actual ban time depends on how bad the crime is, and in some cases, how bad of a mood the admin is in. ;P )

An Administrator, or Admin, is a specially selected user that has the power to ban a rule-breaking user (as previously mentioned).

Admins are easilly recognisable due to their avatar (a small picture that appears next to your Shout). An Admin's avatar has a yellow (A) icon attached to it. The admins are called thewiirocks, Zero EXE, BadCompany, Jason and Gold.

If there is no admin present, the "Report" tab can be used to ban a user for 24-hours. Report someone only works once per-user. Meaning, reporting the same person 12 times has the same effect as just 1 report. Another thing to note is that to successfully report ban a user, multiple people need to report the user. Make sure to only report rule-breakers.


Many users have been speaking of a "DSiTube", this hoax has been running for about as long as DSiCade. If you see people promoting DSiTube, report them and carry on going about your business.

A side-note to the older users who should know better: I've noticed you're all calling the newer users "n00b" or "newb" or something to that effect. This is a derogatory term and isn't a very nice thing to say in general. I've seen users get insulted by some of the "veterans" and I want it to stop. We were all new once, and I'm sure you remember being called n00b and feeling insulted.

Well, I've covered nearly everything that could confuse you about logging in and using the ShoutBox. If you're still feeling confused, feel free to send an e-mail to zeroexe@dsicade.com

Thanks for reading, and have a great time.

--Zero EXE

Domo-Kun? Domo-Kun!

In honor of the recent DSiWare...



As most of you have probably noticed, DSiCade has a new game! Subdivide is the hard work of CashMan, a French programmer who developed the game for the DSi. CashMan took advantage of the "One Game for One Game" program that we launched a few weeks ago to trade his hard work with Javascript into a solid copy of Guitar Hero.

Here's what CashMan had to say about his experience:

After I heard the 1 Game for 1 Game program announced, I decided to test it out and submitted a game I wrote. I was quickly contacted by thewiirocks and began discussions about how to make the game the best it could be. TWR was pleasant to work with and very professional. Despite English being my second language, TWR made every effort to clearly communicate.

Being from France, I was offered to obtain my game from either the local Amazon or by receiving funds through Paypal. I chose the Paypal route for ease and was pleased to find that the money was quickly transferred.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience and will definitely consider writing another game!

If you want to get a FREE game of your own, all you need to do is write a program and submit it to jerason@wiicade.com for approval. If accepted, you will get a free game of your own!

For more information, tap on this link and scroll down to "What about the FREE DS games?"

Enjoy the new game everyone! :-D

--thewiirocks 09/12/2009

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It's a Party!

In the past, I have always had parties on such short notice that invariably I couldn't post news for it. This time however, I've made the effort to plan ahead slightly. And what better way to announce a party than a flipnode? (Tap to the image to start.)

If you're not sure what time that is, this tool might come in handy. The tool lists the time in the flipnote as "CST6CDT".

On another note, I seem to be receiving a lot of email lately from people who have gotten themselves banned. Worse yet, the vast majority of these people try to hack around their bans and get themselves permanently banned.

I'd like to remind everyone that the ShoutBox is a public place with rules on cordial behavior. These rules exist to encourage a friendly environment for anyone who wants to discuss DSiCade, video games, or related topics. If you are abusive toward others or attempt to use the ShoutBox in an inappropriate manner (*cough*dating*cough*), you will be ejected.

Under the current procedures, ejection can be a very long time. 30 days is a common length for these bans. Many violations result in an permanent ban as soon as they are caught. These bans can be administered even if no admin was present when the event occurred.

If you happen to get banned, I will have very little sympathy for your situation unless the ban was truly a mistake. So if you value your membership here on DSiCade, please pay attention to the rules. They are there for the protection of all members.

--thewiirocks 09/10/2009

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